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Watermark "GOBIERNO MEXICANO & eagle"

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Short desc: GOBIERNO MEXICANO & eagle

Used by 63 stamps: (See all uses as list)

9/1/1946 2c brnorg issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Arms of Zacatecas
9/1/1946 12c prusbl issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Arms of Zacatecas
9/1/1946 1p redvio issue=Zacatecas 400th d=GenGonzalez O monument
9/1/1946 5p red issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Ramón López Velarde
9/1/1946 10p dkbl&blk issue=Zacatecas 400th d=FGarcía Salinas
1947 15c blgrn d=postman (1947)
1947 10p d=Justo Sierra
1947 20p grn&pur d=communications building
1947 1c org issue=1947 d=Yalalteca Indian
1947 2c dkgrn issue=1947 d=Tehuana
1947 3c blvio issue=1947 d=fountain of Diana
1947 4c carred issue=1947 d=arch of revolution
1947 5c brnol issue=1947 d=Tower of Remedios
1947 6c dkgrn issue=1947 d=roadside monument
1947 8c blk issue=1947 d=ME de Almansa
1947 10c vio issue=1947 d=Cross of Palenque
1947 12c brnvio issue=1947
1947 20c ol issue=1947 d=Puebla Independence monument
1947 30c ltbl issue=1947 d=Monument to Heroic cadets
1947 40c redbrn issue=1947 d=Stone Of Tizoc
1947 50c dkgrn issue=1947 d=Ruins of Mitla
1947 1p issue=1947
1947 5p orgred&vio issue=1947 d=charro
5/16/1947 10c yelbrn issue=International philatelic exhibition 1947 d=FDRoosevelt & Stamp of 1st Mexican Issue
5/16/1947 15c grn issue=International philatelic exhibition 1947 d=arms of Mexico & Stamp of 1st US Issue
9/8/1947 2c brnblk issue=battles 100th d=Francisco Marquez
9/8/1947 5c org issue=battles 100th d=Fernando Montes de Oca
9/8/1947 10c brn issue=battles 100th d=Juan Escutin
9/8/1947 15c prusgrn issue=battles 100th d=Agustin Melgar
9/8/1947 30c olgrn issue=battles 100th d=Manuel Rincon
9/8/1947 1p blgrn issue=battles 100th d=Lucas Balderas
9/8/1947 5p issue=battles 100th d=Flag of San Blas Batallion
airmail 9/1/1946 30c gray issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Fr. Margil de Jesus & plane over Zacatecas
airmail 9/1/1946 1p brn&blgrn issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Don Genaro Codina & plane over Zacatecas
airmail 9/1/1946 5p red&olgrn issue=Zacatecas 400th d=Gen. Enrique Estrada & plane over Zacatecas
airmail 9/1/1946 10p blgrn&brn issue=Zacatecas 400th d=D. Fernando Villalpando & plane over Zacatecas
airmail 5/16/1947 25c viobl issue=International philatelic exhibition 1947
airmail 5/16/1947 1p bl&red issue=International philatelic exhibition 1947
airmail 6/25/1947 10p red&dkbrn issue=1947 air b d=Emilio Carranza
airmail 6/25/1947 220p bl&redbrn issue=1947 air b d=DC-4 (1947)
airmail 9/8/1947 25c vio issue=battles 100th d=Vicente Suarez
airmail 9/8/1947 30c bl issue=battles 100th d=Juan de la Barrera
airmail 9/8/1947 50c grn issue=battles 100th d=Chapultepec Castle (1947)
airmail 9/8/1947 1p vio issue=battles 100th d=Pedro Maria Anaya
airmail 9/8/1947 5p blgrn&brn issue=battles 100th d=Antonio de Leon
special delivery 1947 20c redorg
airmail 1947 5c blk issue=1947 air
airmail 1947 10c redbrn issue=1947 air
airmail 1947 15c dkgrn issue=1947 air
airmail 1947 20c car issue=1947 air

All are Mexico
(plus 13 more)