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Watermark "wavy lines (Thailand)"

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Short desc: wavy lines (Thailand)

Users of this watermark: Thailand (39 stamps, 1973-1976)

Used by 39 stamps of Thailand: (See all uses as list)

12/10/1973 75s issue=human rights 25th d=human rights flame (1973 Thailand) perf=12.5
1/12/1974 75s issue=Children's Day 1974 d=Children & flowers perf=13
3/17/1974 75s issue=84th Anniversary of Siriraj Hospital d=Siriraj hospital & statue of Prince Nakarin perf=13.5x13.75
7/5/1974 75s issue=15th Anniversary of Arbor Day d=Teak tree in Uttaradit province perf=12.5
8/19/1974 75s issue=World Population Year perf=13.5x11
9/19/1974 75s issue=100th Anniversary of National Museum perf=12.5
9/19/1974 2b issue=100th Anniversary of National Museum d=Bang Chiang Painted Vase perf=12.5
9/19/1974 2.75b issue=100th Anniversary of National Museum d=Avalokitesavara Bodhisattva perf=12.5
9/19/1974 3b issue=100th Anniversary of National Museum d=King Mongkut Rama IV perf=12.5
10/9/1974 75s issue=100th Anniversary of U.P.U. perf=12.5
11/16/1974 4b d=Trapper with Asian Elephant Elephas maximus perf=12.5
4/2/1975 75s dt=Thailand birds d=Pseudochelidon sirintarae (1975) perf=12.5
4/2/1975 2b dt=Thailand birds d=Terpsiphone paradise perf=12.5
4/2/1975 2.75b dt=Thailand birds d=Psariomus dalhousiae
4/2/1975 5b dt=Thailand birds d=Melanochlora sultanea
5/20/1975 75s dt=Thai boxing d=Round-house kick perf=12.5
5/20/1975 2.75b dt=Thai boxing d=Reverse elbow perf=12.5
5/20/1975 3b dt=Thai boxing d=Flying knee perf=12.5
5/20/1975 5b dt=Thai boxing d=Ritual homage
6/10/1975 2b dt=Thai masks d=Kumbhakarn perf=12.5
6/10/1975 3b dt=Thai masks d=Ramasura perf=12.5
6/10/1975 4b dt=Thai masks d=Hanuman perf=12.5
6/10/1975 75s dt=Thai masks d=Tosakanth mask
8/4/1975 75s issue=Thaipex '75 d=emblem perf=12.5
8/4/1975 2.75b issue=Thaipex '75 d=stamp designer perf=12.5
8/4/1975 4b issue=Thaipex '75 d=stamp printing plant perf=12.5
8/4/1975 5b issue=Thaipex '75 d=stamp collector perf=12.5
11/18/1975 75s dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d="Sukhrip Khrong Muang" perf=12.5
11/18/1975 1b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Royal Barge "Anekchat Phuchong" perf=12.5
11/18/1975 2b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Royal Barge Anantanakarat
11/18/1975 2.75b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Krabi Ran Ron Rap
11/18/1975 3b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Asura Wayuphak
11/18/1975 4b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Asura Paksi
11/18/1975 5b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Royal Barge Sri Suphanahong
11/18/1975 6b dt=Thai Ceremonial Barges d=Phali Rang Thawip
4/2/1976 1b dt=birds (1976 Thailand) d=Dinopium javanense (1976) perf=12.5
4/2/1976 1.50b dt=birds (1976 Thailand) d=Phoenicophaeus aristis perf=12.5
4/2/1976 3b dt=birds (1976 Thailand) d=Pomatorhinus hypoleucos perf=12.5
4/2/1976 4b dt=birds (1976 Thailand) d=Cissa chinensis (1976) perf=12.5