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Watermark "multiple stag"

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Short desc: multiple stag

Used by 43 stamps: (See all uses as list)

8/25/1955 25p issue=New Year 1955 dt=biblical musicians d=Festival 1955 - Musicians with tamborine
11/8/1955 10p grn dt=twelve tribes d=Reuben
11/8/1955 20p redlil dt=twelve tribes d=Simeon
11/8/1955 30p bl dt=twelve tribes d=Levi
11/8/1955 40p brn dt=twelve tribes d=Judah
11/8/1955 50p prusbl dt=twelve tribes d=Dan
11/8/1955 60p och dt=twelve tribes d=Naftali
11/8/1955 80p vio dt=twelve tribes d=Gad
11/8/1955 100p dt=twelve tribes d=Asher
11/8/1955 120p olbis dt=twelve tribes d=Issachar
11/8/1955 180p dt=twelve tribes d=Zebulon
11/8/1955 200p dkgrn dt=twelve tribes d=Joseph (tribe)
11/8/1955 250p gray dt=twelve tribes d=Benjamin
1/3/1956 350p brn issue=Einstein memorial d=E=mc2 & Albert Einstein
1/3/1956 350p ltolgrn&blk issue=Technion 30th d=Technion Haifa
4/12/1956 150p issue=proclamation of state 8th
5/20/1956 300p blgrn&org issue=4th International Congress of Citrus Growers d=Jaffa oranges
8/14/1956 30p issue=New Year 5717 d=musician with lyre
8/14/1956 50p vio&yel issue=New Year 5717
8/14/1956 150p grn&orgred issue=New Year 5717
1/1/1957 20p+80p brtgrn issue=defense d=Haganah insignia
1/1/1957 50p+150p carrose issue=defense d=Haganah insignia
1/1/1957 50p+350p bl issue=defense d=Haganah insignia
4/29/1957 250p issue=independence 9th
4/29/1957 400p issue=Bezalel Museum 50th
9/4/1957 50p brn&multi dt=ancient seals d=horse&seal
1/27/1958 10p och&multi dt=ships (1958 Israel) d=ancient ship
1/27/1958 20p grn&brn dt=ships (1958 Israel) d=Nirit
1/27/1958 30p dt=ships (1958 Israel) d=M/S Shomron
1/27/1958 1000p bl&blk dt=ships (1958 Israel) d=S/S Zion
2/25/1959 60p issue=postal system 10th
2/25/1959 120p issue=postal system 10th
2/25/1959 250p issue=postal system 10th
2/25/1959 500p issue=postal system 10th
5/4/1959 120p issue=Tel Aviv 50th
5/11/1959 60p issue=independence 11th dt=flowers (1959 Israel) d=anemone
5/11/1959 120p issue=independence 11th dt=flowers (1959 Israel) d=cyclamen (1959)
5/11/1959 300p issue=independence 11th dt=flowers (1959 Israel) d=Narcissus tazetta (1959)
7/22/1959 500p issue=civil aviation 10th
7/6/1960 50a d=first atomic reactor
8/31/1960 25a dkbrn issue=100th Anniversary of Theodor Herzl d=Theodor Herzl
8/31/1960 7a grn&multi issue=New Year 5721 d=King Saul
airmail 11/13/1956 3000p cl issue=1953 air d=plane over tomb of Rabbi Haness

All are Israel