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Watermark "small umbrella"

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Short desc: small umbrella

Users of this watermark: Cochin (37 stamps, 1898-1936)

Used by 37 stamps of Cochin: (See all uses as list)

1898 1put pnk issue=1898
1898 3p ultra issue=1898
1898 1/2put graygrn issue=1898
1898 2put dpvio issue=1898
1911 2p brn issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 3p bl issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 4p grn issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 9p car issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 1a brnorg issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 1 1/2a pur issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 2a gray issue=1911 d=Varma I
1911 3a ver issue=1911 d=Varma I
1918 2p brn issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 4p grn issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 6p cl issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 8p sep issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 1a org issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 1 1/2a pur issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 2a gray issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 2 1/4a yelgrn issue=1918 d=Varma II
1918 3a ver issue=1918 d=Varma II
1922 10p dkbl issue=1918 d=Varma II
1922 2p bl d=Varma I oc=blk on=1911-3p-bl
1922 2p bl d=Varma I oc=blk on=1911-3p-bl
1922 2p bl d=Varma I oc=blk on=1911-3p-bl
1922 2p bl d=Varma I oc=blk on=1911-3p-bl
1933 4p grn issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 6p cl issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 1a issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 1a8p issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 2a gray issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 2 1/4a yelgrn issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 3a issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 3a4p issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 6a8p issue=1933 d=Varma III
1933 10a issue=1933 d=Varma III
1936 2p brn issue=1933 d=Varma III