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1d denom (#24731) (St. Vincent usage only)

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Desc: 1d

Currency: Pound sterling (pre-decimal) (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Equivalent denoms: 1p (29)

Users of this denom: Victoria (4 stamps, 1860-1868), Great Britain (1 stamp, 1951), German occupation of Guernsey (2 stamps, 1941-1942), Grenada (3 stamps, 1892-1916), St. Vincent (1 stamp, 1916) Show with all usages

Used by 1 stamp of St. Vincent: (See all uses as list)

8/14/1916 1d car d=King George V (1913 St. Vincent) ovpt=WAR STAMP oc=blk on=1913-1p

All are war tax wmk=mult crown & CA perf=14