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0.95fr denom (#26829)

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Desc: 0.95fr

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 5700

Equivalent denoms: 0.95F (1), 95c (1)

Users of this denom: Monaco (6 stamps, 1963-1976)

Used by 6 stamps of Monaco: (See all uses as list)

5/3/1963 0.95fr issue=U.N. Children's Charter d=African woman with child perf=13
12/12/1963 0.95fr issue=100th Anniversary of the English Football Association perf=13
3/17/1965 0.95fr issue=100th Anniversary of the ITU d=Cable ship The Great Eastern & Alsace perf=13
2/1/1966 0.95fr issue=700th Anniversary of the Birth of Dante d=The purgatory perf=13
6/1/1966 0.95fr brnvio&blk issue=100th Anniversary of Monte Carlo d=Massenet and Saint-Saens perf=13
9/1/1976 0.95fr redcar issue=Palace Clock Tower - Precanceled b