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48g denom (#3028)

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  • Colnect-2200-798-City-Hall-of-Sandomierz.jpg
  • Colnect-2200-811-Effigy-of-Hitler.jpg
Desc: 48g

Currency: Polish złoty (100gr=100g=1zl=1zt=1z)

Numerical sorting value: 2880

Users of this denom: German occupation of Poland (3 stamps, 1940-1941)

Used by 3 stamps of German occupation of Poland: (See all uses as list)

official 4/1940 48g dlol issue=1940 official larger d=eagle over swastika
9/8/1941 48g dkbrnorg issue=architecture d=City Hall of Sandomierz
10/26/1941 48g issue=1941 d=Hitler (1941)