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70k denom (#337)

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Desc: 70k

Currency: Armenian ruble (100k=1r)

Numerical sorting value: 70

Users of this denom: Armenia (3 stamps, 1919-1920)

Used by 3 stamps of Armenia: (See all uses as list)

10/1919 70k issue=1919b ovpt=squiggle in box oc=blk on=issuer=Russia-70k-imperf
1920 70k issue=1920a ovpt=squiggle oc=vio on=issuer=Russia-70k-imperf
1920 70k issue=1920b ovpt=squiggle oc=blk on=issuer=Russia-70k-imperf

All are d=arms of Russia (1889 mantled) imperf paper=wove