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15r denom (#46609)

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Desc: 15r

Currency: Swiss franc (100rp=100r=100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 900

Equivalent denoms: 15(c) (37)

Users of this denom: Switzerland (7 stamps, 1852-1858)

Used by 7 stamps of Switzerland: (See all uses as list)

1852 15r ver dt=cross d=RAYON III. var=15c
1852 15r ver dt=cross d=RAYON III. var=large denom
1852 15r ver dt=cross d=RAYON III. var=small denom
9/15/1854 15r carrose issue=1854a d=Helvetia (1854) paper=thin, emerald silk thread
9/15/1854 15r rose issue=1854b d=Helvetia (1854) paper=med thick, emerald silk thread
1855 15r rose issue=1855 d=Helvetia (1854) paper=med thick, blue silk thread
1858 15r dkrose issue=1858 d=Helvetia (1854) paper=thick, green silk thread

All are imperf