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arms of Central Lithuania

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Short desc: arms of Central Lithuania

Things in this design:
arms arms of Central Lithuania

This design is used by 12 stamps: (See all uses as list)
10/20/1920 25f red issue=1920a imperf
10/20/1920 25f red issue=1920b perf=11.5
10/20/1920 1m bl issue=1920a imperf
10/20/1920 1m bl issue=1920b perf=11.5
10/20/1920 2m vio issue=1920a imperf
10/20/1920 2m vio issue=1920b perf=11.5
1921 25f dkgrn issue=1920a imperf
1921 25f dkgrn issue=1920b perf=11.5
1921 1m dkbrn issue=1920a imperf
1921 1m dkbrn issue=1920b perf=11.5
1921 2m org issue=1920a imperf
1921 2m org issue=1920b perf=11.5

All are Central Lithuania