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eagle in oval

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Short desc: eagle in oval

Things in this design:
bird eagle

This design is used by 28 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Poland 1/27/1919 3f bisbrn issue=1919a imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 3f bisbrn issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1/27/1919 5f grn issue=1919a imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 5f grn issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1/27/1919 10f redvio issue=1919a imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 10f redvio issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1/27/1919 15f dprose issue=1919a imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 15f dprose issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1/27/1919 3h redbrn issue=1919c imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 5h emer issue=1919c imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 10h org issue=1919c imperf
Poland 1/27/1919 15h ver issue=1919c imperf
Polish offices in the Turkish Empire 6/1/1919 3f bisbrn ovpt=LEVANT oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-issue=1919b-3f perf=10-11.5
Polish offices in the Turkish Empire 6/1/1919 5f grn ovpt=LEVANT oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-issue=1919b-5f perf=10-11.5
Polish offices in the Turkish Empire 6/1/1919 10f redvio ovpt=LEVANT oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-issue=1919b-10f perf=10-11.5
Polish offices in the Turkish Empire 6/1/1919 15f dprose ovpt=LEVANT oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-issue=1919b-15f-dprose perf=10-11.5
Eastern Silesia 1920 1.50k brn issue=1920d ovpt=S.O. 1920. oc=blk on=issuer=Poland-1.50k-brn perf=10-11.5
Poland 1920 10f brn issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1920 15f ver issue=1919b perf=10-11.5
Poland 1920 1m red issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 1920 2m graygrn issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 1920 3m ltbl issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 1920 4m rosered issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 1920 5m dkvio issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 1922 8m graybrn issue=1920b perf=9-14.5
Poland 6/19/1922 5f bl issue=Silesian plebiscite perf=9-14.5
Poland 6/19/1922 10f ltvio issue=Silesian plebiscite perf=9-14.5
Poland 1923 20000m graygrn issue=inflation oc=blk on=2m-graygrn perf=9-14.5

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