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1926 issue of Saar

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Short desc: 1926

Issuer: Saar
Dates: 12/26/1926 - 1932

Consists of 16 stamps: (See stamps as list)

10c brn d=market fountain, St Johann
15c grnblk d=Saar valley view
20c brnorg d=Saarlouis fortifications
25c slbl d=Village & Abbey Tholey
30c olgrn d=market fountain, St Johann
40c olbrn d=Saarlouis fortifications
50c brnlake d=Village & Abbey Tholey
4/15/1930 60c redorg d=Pit in Saarlouis
75c viobrn d=Saar valley view
80c orgred d=Pit
1932 90c d=Saarlouis fortifications
1fr brnvio d=Pit
1.50fr turqbl d=Burbach steelworks
2fr brnred d=Burbach steelworks
3fr brnzgrn d=Burbach steelworks
5fr yelbrn d=Burbach steelworks

All are dt=scenery one color

Issues with this name: Alaouites, Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Yunnan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Niger, North Borneo, Norway, Poland, Saar, Samoa, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Zanzibar

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