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Visit of Pope John Paul II issue of Liechtenstein

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Short desc: Visit of Pope John Paul II

Issuer: Liechtenstein
Date: 9/2/1985
Occasion: Visit of Pope John Paul II (Liechtenstein)

Consists of 3 stamps: (See stamps as list)

50rp d=Papal coat of arms
80(rp) d=Chapel St Maria zum Tros Dux Schaan
1.70fr d=Our Lady of Liechtenstein St Mary the Comforter

All are perf=11.75

Issues with this name: Bolivia (1988), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croat administration (1997), Botswana (1988), Burkina Faso (1990), Chad (1990), Chile (1987), Colombia (1986), Croatia (1994), Dominican Republic (1979), Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea (1982), Gambia (1992), Honduras (1983), Ivory Coast, Korea (1984), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madagascar (1989), Malta (2001), Mozambique (1988), Nicaragua (1983), Paraguay (1988), Poland (1999), St. Lucia (1986), Senegal (1992), Seychelles (1986), South Africa (1995), Spain (1989), Togo, Uganda (1993), Uruguay (1987), Venezuela

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