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1926a issue of Lebanon

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Short desc: 1926a

Issuer: Lebanon
Date: 8/26/1926

Consists of 5 stamps: (See stamps as list)

3.50p brnorg d=Beit-ed-Din Palace (1925) oc=blk on=1925-75c-brnorg
4p olblk d=Beirut oc=blk on=1925-25c-olblk
6p pckbl d=ruins at Baalbek (1925) oc=blk on=1925-2.50p-pckbl
12p dpgrn d=Mouktara oc=blk on=1925-1.25p-dpgrn
20p dpgrn d=Mouktara oc=blk on=1925-1.25p-dpgrn

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