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1898 issue of Mexico

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Short desc: 1898

Issuer: Mexico
Date: 1898

Consists of 13 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1c grn d=letter carrier (1895)
2c ver d=letter carrier (1895)
3c orgbrn d=letter carrier (1895)
4c org d=Carrier On Mulemulitas
5c ultra d=Statue of Cuauhtemoc
10c lilrose d=mail coach (1898)
12c olbrn d=Carrier On Mulemulitas
15c grnbl d=mail coach (1895)
20c brnrose d=mail coach (1895)
50c pur d=mail coach (1895)

All are perf=5.5x11,misc paper=blue lines

Issues with this name: Afghanistan, Angola, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Cook Islands, Cuba, German Southwest Africa, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, British offices in Morocco, Spanish currency, Honduras, Cochin, Iran, Lourenco Marques, Macao, Pahang, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portuguese Congo, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Rhodesia (British South Africa Company), St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Thailand, Timor, Uganda, Zambezia