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25th Anniversary of WHO issue of Guinea

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  • Colnect-3772-359-Filling-of-vaccine.jpg
  • Colnect-3772-360-Sterilization-of-the-vaccine.jpg
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Short desc: 25th Anniversary of WHO

Issuer: Guinea
Date: 11/16/1973
Occasion: World Health Organization / WHO founding
Number/Year: 25

Consists of 7 stamps: (See stamps as list)

1s d=Biological Institute Kindia
2.50s d=doctors
3s d=Filling of vaccine
4s d=Sterilization of the vaccine
5s d=Packaging of the vaccines
10s d=Medical team in vaccinating

All are perf=13.5

Issues with this name: Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Guinea, Iran, Liberia, Mexico (1974), Upper Volta