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1945 due issue of San Marino

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Short desc: 1945 due

Issuer: San Marino
Date: 6/7/1945

Consists of 16 stamps: (See stamps as list)

0.05l dkgrn
0.10l ltbrn
0.15l carred
0.20l ultra
0.25l dkvio
0.30l lil
0.40l yel
0.50l blgray
0.60l brn
1.00l org
2.00l dkcar
5.00l vio
10l bl
20l grn
25l red
50l dkbrn

All are postage due d=arms of San Marino (1945 due)

Issues with this name: Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, New Zealand, Poland, Portuguese Africa, San Marino, Vatican City