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Stamps of Poland, 1945

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1945, Jan 22 1863 revolt issue ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 5z on 1944-25g (3)

1945, Feb 12 liberation of Poland issue ovpted arms of Poland unwmk p. 9-14.5 (10 stamps)
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland
- 3z on 25g red arms of Poland

1945, Mar 9 Lodz liberation issue
X 1z bl Lodz skyline
- 5z dpcar Flag bearer carrying wounded comrade

1945, Apr 10 Cracow liberation issue (6 stamps)
X 50g dkbrn Grunwald monument
- 50g dkviobrn Grunwald monument
X 1z brn
X 2z saph Cloth Hall Cracow
X 3z redvio Copernicus memorial
X 5z blgrn Wawel Castle

1945, Jul 16 Battle of Grunwald 535th issue
- 5z dkbl battle of Grunwald

1945, Jul 22 liberation 1st issue
- 3z car

1945, Sep 1 ovpted
X 1.50z on 25g red arms of Poland

1945, Sep 10 ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 1z on 50g (15)

1945, Sep 15 Danzig acquisition issue unwmk (6 stamps)
X 1z ol crane tower,Gdansk, p. 9-14.5
- 1z ol crane tower,Gdansk, imperf
X 2z saph stock tower,Gdansk, p. 9-14.5
- 2z saph stock tower,Gdansk, imperf
- 3z dkvio ancient high gate,Gdansk, p. 9-14.5
X 3z dkvio ancient high gate,Gdansk, imperf

1945, Oct 15 views of Warsaw,1939&1945 p. 9-14.5 (6 stamps)
X 1.50z crim Royal Castle in Warsaw
X 3z dkbl St Johns Cathedral
X 3.50z ltblgrn town hall
X 6z grayblk General Post Office
X 8z dkbrn Army General Staff Headquarters
X 10z dkvio Holy Cross Church

1945, Nov 29 November Uprising 115th issue
- 10z blk


1945, Jun 11 1945 official issue (no perf info)
X 1234 viobl Inscription "ZWYKŁA"
X 1234 brnred Inscription "POLECONA"

postage due

1945, May 20 1945 due issue
X 1Zł yelbrn
X 2Zł yelbrn
X 3Zł yelbrn
- 5Zł yelbrn


1945, Apr 24 25th Anniversary of the Founding of Liga Morska issue p. 11
- 50gr+2z brnred
- 1+3z dkbl
X 2+4z carred
- 3+5z dkgrn

1945, Jun 16 First Post Office Employees Congress issue p. 10.75
- 1+5z dkgrn

1945, Sep 1 6th Anniversary of the Defence of Westerplatte issue p. 10.75; 11
X 1+9z grayblk

1945, Nov 18 7th Trade Union Congress, Warsaw issue p. 10.75
- 1.50+8.50z blblk

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