Stamps of Lebanon, missing overprint

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1925, Mar 1 1925 issue unwmk (no perf info) (13 stamps)
X 0.10p dkvio cedar
X 25c olblk Beirut
X 0.50p yelgrn Tripoli
X 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
X 1p mag Baalbeck
X 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara
X 1.50p rosered Tyr
X 2p dkbrn Zahle
X 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
X 3p orgbrn Deir-el-Kamar
X 5p vio Saïda
- 10p viobrn Tripoli
X 25p ultra Beyrouth

1926, Aug 26 1926a issue ovpted (5 stamps)
X 3.50p on 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
X 4p on 25c olblk Beirut
- 6p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
- 12p on 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara
- 20p on 1.25p dpgrn Mouktara

1926, Dec 1926b issue ovpted
- 4.50p on 75c brnorg Beit-ed-Din Palace
- 7.50p on 2.50p pckbl ruins at Baalbek
- 15p on 25p ultra Beyrouth

1930, Feb 11 Sericulture Congress issue silkworm & cocoon & moth p. 11 (6 stamps)
X 4p dkbrn silkworm & cocoon & moth
- 4 1/2p ver silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 7 1/2p dkbl silkworm & cocoon & moth
- 10p dkvio silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 15p dkgrn silkworm & cocoon & moth
X 25p cl silkworm & cocoon & moth

1930, May 1930 issue (20 stamps)
X 0.10p org Pigeon Rocks, p. 12.5x13
X 20c brn Cedars of Lebanon
X 25c bl Baalbeck - ruins of Bacchus temple
X 0.50p orgbrn view of Bickfaya
X 75c dkbrn ruins at Baalbeck
X 1p grn Saïda - crusader castle
X 1p viobrn view of Bickfaya (1935)
X 1.50p viobrn Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25
X 1.50p grn Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25 (1932)
X 2p bl Tripoli - crusader castle
X 3p dkbrn Baalbek Temple of Venus
X 4p orgbrn Dog river - ancient bridge
X 4.50p carred Belfort castle
X 5p Beit-ed-Din Palace, p. 13.25
X 6p dkvio Tyre - the harbor
X 7.50p bl ruins at Baalbek, p. 13
X 10p olgrn Hasbeya - view
X 15p dkvio Afka Falls
X 50p yelgrn Deir-el-Kamar - view
- 100p blk Baalbeck

1934 p. 12.5x13
- 0.10p org Pigeon Rocks redrawn

1937 ovpted (no perf info)
X 2p on 3p vio President Edde
X 2 1/2p on 4p blkbrn President Edde
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