Stamps of Monaco, 13 perf

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1932 1932 issue unwmk p. 13 (17 stamps)
X 15c lilrose old watchtower
X 20c orgbrn old watchtower
X 25c olblk royal palace of Monaco
X 30c yelgrn Church of St. Devote
X 45c brnred The Rock of Monaco
X 65c blgrn gardens of Monaco
X 75c dpbl Monte Carlo fortifications & harbor
X 1fr redbrn Church of St. Devote (1933)
X 1.25fr roselil Monte Carlo fortifications & harbor
X 1.75fr roselil royal palace of Monaco
- 1.75fr carrose royal palace of Monaco (1937)
X 2fr dkbl The Rock of Monaco
X 3fr pur old watchtower
- 3.50fr org royal palace of Monaco (1935)
X 5fr vio Church of St. Devote
- 10fr dpbl royal palace of Monaco
- 20fr blk gardens of Monaco

1937, May 1937b issue
X 1c dkviobrn arms of Monaco .20

1939, Feb 21 1939 issue - scenic (1939 Monaco) (27 stamps)
X 20c roselil Cathedral of Monaco
X 25c yelbrn St. Nicholas Square
X 30c dkblgrn palace gate
X 30c brnred palace gate (1940) .20 .20
X 40c hennabrn St. Nicholas Square
X 45c brtredvio panorama of Monaco
X 50c dkblgrn Clocktower of the palace
X 60c rosecar Castle entrance
X 60c dkgrn Castle entrance (1940)
X 70c brtredvio Monte Carlo harbor
- 75c dkgrn Monte Carlo harbor
X 80c dkgrn Cathedral of Monaco
X 1fr brnblk Clocktower of the palace
X 1fr cl panorama of Monaco (1943) .20 .20
- 1.30fr brnblk Clocktower of the palace
X 2fr rosevio St Nicholas Square & fountain
X 2.50fr dkbl Roads of Monaco from birds eye view (1940)
X 3fr brnred Monte Carlo harbor
X 3fr blk St Nicholas Square & fountain (1943)
- 4fr roselil Cathedral of Monaco
- 4.50fr brtvio Clocktower of the palace
X 5fr prusbl Cathedral of Monaco
X 5fr dpgrn Castle entrance (1943)
X 6fr ltvio Clocktower of the palace
X 10fr grn Roads of Monaco from birds eye view
X 10fr dpbl Cathedral of Monaco (1943)
X 20fr brtultra Castle entrance

1939, Apr 23
- 10fr dkgrn Louis II Stadium

1939, Aug 15
X 40c dkblgrn Louis II Stadium b
X 70c brnblk Louis II Stadium b
X 90c Louis II Stadium b
X 1.25fr carbrn Louis II Stadium b
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1 to 50 of 600