Stamps of Poland - German occupation of Poland, 0 perf

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1915, May 12 ovpted on stamps of Germany wmk. lozenges (no perf info)
X 3pf brn ovpt, Germania
X 5pf grn ovpt, Germania
X 10pf car ovpt, Germania
X 40pf lake & blk ovpt, Germania

1916 1916 issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (8 stamps)
X 3pf brn on 3pf-brn (3)
X 5pf grn on 5pf-grn (4)
X 7 1/2pf org on 7 1/2pf-org (0)
X 10pf car on 10pf-car (4)
X 20pf ultra on 20pf-ultra (6)
X 30pf org & blk on 30pf-org&blk (3)
X 40pf lk & blk on 40pf-lk&blk (0)
X 60pf mag ovpt, Germania, w. lozenges

1940 1940c issue ovpted on stamps of Poland (no wmk info)
X 40g on 1938-40g (0)
X 1z on 55g+15g (9)

1940 1940d issue
X 50g on issue=1938 due-20g (1)
X 50g

1940, Aug 5 architecture issue unwmk (17 stamps)
X 6g brn Florian Gate, Cracow
X 8g watchtower, Cracow
X 8g ind watchtower, Cracow (1941)
X 10g emer Cracow Gate
X 12g dkgrn Old University Krakau
X 12g vio Old University Krakau (1941)
X 20g blkbrn Dominican church, Kraków
X 24g brnred Wawel castle, Kraków
X 30g vio Brigitta Church Lublin
X 30g dkbrnvio Brigitta Church Lublin (1941)
X 40g dkprusbl Cloth hall, Kraków
- 48g dkbrnorg City Hall of Sandomierz (1941)
X 50g Town hall tower, Kraków
X 60g Castle court, Kraków
X 80g Saint Mary's church, Kraków
X 1z lake Brühls Palace Warsaw
X 1z Brühls Palace Warsaw (1941)

1941, Apr 20 pictorial issue
X 2z Kraków Barbican
X 4z dkgraygrn Monastery Tyniec
X 10z Cracow,15th c

1941, Oct 26 1941 issue Hitler photo print (14 stamps)
X 2g gray Hitler
X 6g brn Hitler
X 8g dkbl Hitler
X 10g dkgrn Hitler
X 12g dkblvio Hitler
X 16g Hitler
X 20g Hitler
X 24g Hitler
X 30g Hitler
X 32g Hitler
X 40g Hitler
X 48g Hitler
X 50g Hitler
X 60g Hitler
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1 to 50 of 142