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Watermark "Urdu characters (1927)"

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Short desc: Urdu characters (1927)

Users of this watermark: Hyderabad (16 stamps, 1927-1949)

Used by 16 stamps of Hyderabad: (See all uses as list)

1927 1r yel
1931 4p blk issue=1931 d=seal of Nizam (1931)
1931 6p carlake issue=1931 d=seal of Nizam (1931)
1931 8p grn issue=1931 d=seal of Nizam (1931)
1931 1a dkbrn issue=1931 d=Charminar
1931 2a dkvio issue=1931 d=High Court of Justice building
1931 4a ultra issue=1931 d=Osman Sagar
1931 8a dporg issue=1931 d=Ajanta Caves entrance
1931 12a scar issue=1931 d=Bidar College
1931 1r yel issue=1931 d=Victory Tower, Daulatabad
1947 1/2a roselake d=seal of Nizam (1947)
1947 1a4p dkgrn issue=1947
1947 3a bl issue=1947
1947 6a olbrn issue=1947
2/17/1947 1a blk d=Town Hall,Hyderabad
1949 2p brn d=seal of Nizam (1949)