Stamps of Jamaica, 14 perf

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1860, Nov 23 1860 issue wmk. pineapple p. 14 (6 stamps)
- 1p bl Queen Victoria
- 2p rose Queen Victoria
- 3p grn Queen Victoria (1863)
- 4p brnorg Queen Victoria
X 6p lilac Queen Victoria
X 1sh brn Queen Victoria

1870, Mar 1 1870 issue wmk. crown & CC (7 stamps)
X 1/2p cl Queen Victoria (1872)
X 1p bl Queen Victoria (1873)
X 2p rose Queen Victoria
X 3p grn Queen Victoria
X 4p brnorg Queen Victoria (1872)
- 6p lilac Queen Victoria (1871)
- 1sh brn Queen Victoria (1873)

1883 1883 issue wmk. crown & CA (9 stamps)
- 1/2p blgrn Queen Victoria (1885)
X 1p rose Queen Victoria
X 1p bl Queen Victoria (1884)
- 1p car Queen Victoria (1885)
X 2p rose Queen Victoria (1884)
X 2p sl Queen Victoria (1885)
X 3p olgrn Queen Victoria (1886)
- 4p orgbrn Queen Victoria
X 6p orgyel Queen Victoria (1890)

1889 1889 issue
X 1p lil & redvio Queen Victoria
X 2p grn Queen Victoria
X 2 1/2p lil & ultra Queen Victoria (1891)

1890, Jun ovpted
- 2 1/2p on 4p orgbrn Queen Victoria

- 1sh brn Queen Victoria

X 2sh redbrn Queen Victoria

- 5sh vio Queen Victoria

1900, Jan 1 wmk. crown & CC
X 1p red Llandovery Falls

1901, Sep 25
X 1p red & blk Llandovery Falls

1903 1903 issue wmk. crown & CA
X 1/2p grn & graybrn arms of Jamaica
X 1p car & gray arms of Jamaica (1904)
- 2 1/2p ultra & graybrn arms of Jamaica
- 5p yel & gray arms of Jamaica (1904)

1905 1905a issue chalky paper wmk. mult crown & CA (8 stamps)
X 1/2p grn & graybrn arms of Jamaica
X 1p car & gray arms of Jamaica
X 2 1/2p ultra & graybrn arms of Jamaica
- 5p yel & graybrn arms of Jamaica
X 6p brtpur & dlpur arms of Jamaica
X 1sh brn Queen Victoria
X 2sh redbrn Queen Victoria
X 5sh vio & blk arms of Jamaica

1905 1905b issue (7 stamps)
- 2 1/2p ultra arms of Jamaica (1910)
X 3p olgrn Queen Victoria
- 3p vio Queen Victoria (1910)
X 4p red, yel Queen Victoria
- 6p dlvio Queen Victoria
- 6p orgyel Queen Victoria
X 1sh brn Queen Victoria

X 1/2p grn arms of Jamaica

X 1p car arms of Jamaica

1911, Feb 3
X 2p gray King Edward VII

1912 1912 issue King George V (12 stamps)
X 1p scar King George V
X 1 1/2p brnorg King George V (1916)
X 2p gray King George V
X 2 1/2p ultra King George V (1913)
X 3p vio, yel King George V
X 3p vio, yel King George V, surface-colored paper (1913)
X 4p scar & blk, yel King George V (1913)
- 4p scar & blk, yel King George V, surface-colored paper (1914)
X 6p redvio & dlvio King George V
X 1sh blk, grn King George V
X 2sh brtbl & lil, palebl King George V
- 5sh red & grn, yel King George V

1919 1919 issue (8 stamps)
X 1/2p olgrn & grn exhibition buildings
X 1 1/2p grn World War I Contingent
X 2p grn & ind King's House, Spanish Town
X 1sh orgyel & redorg Statue of Queen Victoria
X 2sh brn & ltbl Rodney Memorial
- 3sh org & vio Monument to Charles Metcalf
- 5sh och & bl Woodland Scene
- 10sh dkgrn King George V & cherubs

1921 1921 issue wmk. mult crown & script CA (13 stamps)
X 1/2p yelgrn & blgrn exhibition building
X 1p org & car Arawak woman
X 1 1/2p grn SS Verdala
X 2p grn & ind King's House, Spanish Town
X 2 1/2p bl & dpbl Return of foreign contingent-Definitives
X 3p ltbl & dkgrn Jamaica discovered by Columbus
X 4p dkgrn & brn Spanish Town Cathedral
X 6p bl & blk Port Royal 1853 ships
X 1sh redorg & org Statue of Queen Victoria
- 2sh brn & ltbl Rodney Memorial
X 3sh org & viobl Charles Metcalfe Monument
X 5sh och & bl Woodland Scene
- 10sh dkgrn

1921, Oct 21
X 6p redvio & dlvio George V

1927, Nov 3
X 1/2p grn George V

X 1p red

X 1 1/2p brn King George V
X 9p viobrn King George V

1937, May 12 Coronation issue
X 1p car Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 1 1/2p grayblk Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI
X 2 1/2p brtultra Queen Elizabeth & regalia & King George VI

1938 George VI pictorials issue
X 10sh dkgrn King George VI & cherubs

1966, Apr 18 wmk. Multiple "J" & Pineapple
X 6p dkol & gray Churchill
X 1sh viobl & olbrn Churchill

1969, May 23 ILO 50th issue
X 6p multi
X 3sh multi

1969, May 30 WHO 20th issue
X 6p multi children&nurse
X 1sh multi

1971, May 10 pirates (1971 Jamaica)
X 3c multi Henry Morgan
X 15c multi Mary Read & Anne Bonny
X 30c ultra 18th Century Merchantman Surrendering To Pirate Schooner

1973, Jul 9 flowers (1973 Jamaica) (6 stamps)
X 1c multi Euphorbia Punicea
X 6c multi Hylocereus triangularis
X 9c multi Columnea argentea
X 15c multi Portlandia grandiflora
X 30c multi Samyda pubescens
X 50c multi Cordia sebestena

1974, Oct 9 UPU 100th issue
X 5c plum & multi globe&emblem
X 9c ol & multi globe&emblem
X 50c multi globe&emblem

1975, Jan 13 University College 25th issue
X 5c multi Senate building & Sir Hugh Wooding
X 10c multi University Chapel & HRH Princess Alice
- 30c multi Senate building & Sir Hugh Wooding
- 50c multi University Chapel & HRH Princess Alice

1975, Aug 25 butterflies (1975 Jamaica)
X 10c multi Graphium marcellinus
- Jamaica sheet of 4 types

1976, Aug 9 World Cricket Cup West Indies Winners issue unwmk
- 10c multi
X 25c Prudential Cup

1977, Dec 19 50th Anniversary of Jamaica Military Band issue (no wmk info)
X 9c multi Trumpeter
X 10c multi Clarinetists & oboist
X 20c multi Kettle Drummer And Oboist
X 25c multi Cellist & trumpeter

1978, Dec 4 Christmas 1978 issue
X 10c multi Salvation army band
X 20c multi Trumpeter
X 25c multi Army flag
X 50c multi Salvation army shield

1979, Apr 23 Arawak artifacts (5 stamps)
X 5c multi Arawak Grinding Stone
X 10c multi Stone implements
X 20c multi Cooking pot
X 25c multi Serving boat
X 50c multi Storage jar fragment

1979, Aug 13 Rowland Hill death 100th issue
X 10c multi Hill Statue
X 20c multi Hill Statue
X 25c multi Hill Statue
X 50c multi Hill Statue

1979, Oct 1 Christmas 1979 / International Year of the Child issue
X 10c multi Children IYC Emblem
X 20c multi doll
X 25c multi The Family”
X 50c multi House on the Hill

1980, Nov 24 Christmas 1980 issue wmk. Multiple "J" & Pineapple
- 15c multi parish church .20 .20
X 20c multi Coce Memorial Church
X 25c multi Church of the Redeemer
- $5 multi Holy Trinity Church
- Jamaica sheet of 4 types

1983, Jul 25 25th Anniversary of Independence issue
- 55c multi Flag sunset
- 70c multi flag

1983, Oct 18 World Communications Year issue
- 20c multi Ship to Shore Radio

1984, Feb 24 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Bustamante issue
X 20c multi Sir Alexander Bustamante
- 20c multi Blenheim birthplace

1984, Jun 11 seaplanes (1984)
X 25c multi Gypsy Moth
X 55c multi Consolidated Commodore
- $1.50 multi Sikorsky S-38
- $3 multi Sikorsky S-40

1984, Jul 11 Olympics 1984 issue
X 25c multi
X 55c multi
X $1.50 multi
- $3 multi

1985, Jul 30 International Youth Year / 5th Pan-American Scouting Jamboree issue
X 25c multi
X 55c multi
- 70c multi
- $4 multi

1985, Dec 9 Christmas 1985 issue - paintings (1985 Jamaica)
X 20c multi The Old Settlement - Ralph Campbell
X 55c multi The Vendor - Albert Hiue
- 75c multi Road Menders - Gaston Taboris
- $4 multi Woman, Must I Not Be About My Father's B…

1986, Feb 10 birds (1986 Jamaica)
X 25c multi Chestnut bellied cuckoo
X 55c multi Jamaican becard
- $1.50 multi White eyed thrush
- $5 multi Rufous tailed flycatcher

1986, Oct 27 Boxing Champions
- 45c multi Richard "Shrimpy" Clarke
X 70c multi Michael McCallum
X $2 multi Trevor Berbick
- $4 multi Clarke, McCallum and Berbick

1987, Aug 17 100th Anniversary of the birth of Marcus Mosiah Garvey issue
X 25c multi Marcus Mosiah Garvey face
X 25c multi Marcus Mosiah Garvey Statue

1988, Jan 22 birds (1988 Jamaica)
X 45c multi
X 45c multi
- $5 multi
- $5 multi

1988, Apr 14 Marine Mammals (1988)
X 20c multi Balaenoptera musculus
X 25c multi Gervais's Whale Mesoplodon europaeus
X 55c multi Orcinus orca
- $5 multi Delphinus delphis

1988, Jul 6 Cricket Players (5 stamps)
X 25c multi Jackie Hendriks
X 55c multi George Headley
- $2 multi Michael Holding
- $3 multi R K Nunes
- $4 multi Allan Rae

1988, Aug 24 Olympics 1988 issue
X 25c multi boxing
- 45c multi cycling
- $4 multi Athletics
- $5 multi hurdling
- Jamaica sheet of 4 types

1988, Nov 8 Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team issue
- 25c multi Bobsled team members
X 25c multi Two Man Bobsled
- $5 multi Bobsled team members
- $5 multi Four Man Bobsled

1990, Jan 28 75th Anniversary of Guiding in Jamaica issue (no wmk info)
X 45c multi
X 55c multi
- $5 multi
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