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Stamps of Poland, 1968

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1968 Olympics 1968 issue unwmk p. 9-14.5 (8 stamps)
X 30g relay race
X 40g multi boxing
X 60g basketball
X 90g long jump
X 2.50z multi
X 3.40z multi
X 4z multi
X 7.90z multi

1968, Jan 10 Winter Olympics 1968 issue (8 stamps)
X 40g multi ice hockey
X 60g multi skiing
X 90g multi slalom
X 1.35z multi speed skating
X 1.55z multi Long-distance skiing
X 2z multi sledding
X 7z multi biathlon
X 7.90z multi ski jump

1968, Mar 15 fairy tales (1968 Poland) (8 stamps)
X 20g multi Puss in Boots
X 40g brtvio & multi The fox & the raven
X 60g multi Mr Twardowski man flying on a cock
X 2z ol & multi The fisherman & the fish
X 2.50z ver & multi Litle red riding hood
X 3.40z brn & multi Cinderella
X 5.50z multi Thumbelina
X 7z multi Snow White

1968, May 15 Flowers 1968 issue - flowers (1968 Poland) (6 stamps)
X 10g sep & multi Clianthus dampieri
X 20g multi Passiflora quadrangularis
X 30g brn & multi bird of paradise flower
X 40g ultra & multi Coryphantha vivipara
X 60g multi Odontonia
X 90g multi Protea cynaroides

1968, May 29 poster exhibition issue
X 60g gray & multi Peace by Henryk Tomaszewski
X 2.50z gray & multi Poster for gounods by Jan Lenica

1968, May 29 World Gliding Championships 1968 issue - gliders (1968) (6 stamps)
X 60g multi Zephyr glider
X 90g multi Storks
X 1.50z multi Swallow
X 3.40z multi Flies
X 4z multi seal
- 5.50z multi Pirat glider

1968, Jul 2 Tematica 1968 issue
X 60g multi child holding symbolic stamp
X 60g multi balloon over Poznan town hall
- Poland 1968 sheet of 2 types

1968, Jul 20
X 60g lilrose & blk Sosnowiec memorial

1968, Oct 10 Polish paintings (1968) (8 stamps)
- 40g gray & multi Knight on bay horse by Piotr Michalowski
X 60g gray & multi Fisherman by Leon Wyczolkowski
X 1.15z gray & multi Jewish woman with lemons by by Aleksander Gierymski
- 1.35z gray & multi Eliza Parenska by Stanislaw Wyspianski
- 1.50z gray & multi Manifest by Wojciech Weiss
X 4.50z gray & multi StanczykJester by jan Matejko
- 5z gray & multi Childrens band by Tadeusz Makowski
- 7z gray & multi Feast II by Zygmunt Waliszewski

1968, Oct 12 Polish People's Army 25th issue (10 stamps)
X 40g multi September 1939 by M Bylina
X 40g multi Partisans by LMaciag
X 40g multi Battle of Monte Cassino
X 40g multi Lenino by MBylina
X 40g multi Tanks approaching Warsaw by S. Garwatowski
X 60g multi Battle on the Neisse by M Bylina
X 60g multi On the Oder by K Mackiewicz
X 60g multi In Berlin by MBylina
X 60g multi Warship Blyskawica by MMokwa
X 60g multi Pursuitfighter planes by TKulisiewicz

1968, Nov 11 5th Polish United Workers Party congress issue
X 60g dkrd & multi Party members by F. Kowarski
X 60g multi Manifest by Wojciech Weiss
X 60g multi Strike by Stanislaw Lentz

1968, Nov 15 memorials 1968 issue (5 stamps)
X 40g sep Guerrilla memorial Kartuzy
X 40g Polish insurgens memorial Poznan
X 40g dksl Guerrilla memorial Plichno
X 40g Nazi war crimes memorial Zamosc
X 40g sl Monument in Kartuzy

1968, Nov 20 hunt paintings (8 stamps)
X 20g olgray & multi Departure for the Hunt by Kossak
X 40g multi Hunting with Falcon by Juliusz Kossak
X 60g multi Wolves Raid by AWierusz-Kowalski
- 1.50z multi Bear hunt by Julian Falat
- 2.50z multi Fox hunt by T. Sutherland
X 3.40z multi Boar hunt by Frans Snyders
- 4.50z multi Hunters rest by WGPerov
- 8.50z multi Lion hunt in Marocco by Delacroix


1968 Olympics 1968 issue (no perf info)
- 10+5z multi

1968, May 15 Flowers 1968 issue - flowers (1968 Poland)
- 4+2z multi Abutilon
- 8+4z multi Rosa polyantha

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